Monday, January 30, 2017

Paper Sorting Week

Ok, so this is where the work really starts.  We are paper sorting this week.  Get to a spot you can spread out a little bit – table, floor, or countertop.    I sort all of my paper into a color category or a topic category.  So let me start with the topics.  You will not know what your topic categories are when you start – these will become obvious as you start sorting (topics are things like baby, wedding, Christmas, Spring, beach).  The color categories are easier -  I use are ROY G BIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple (in place of Indigo and Violet), Brown, Black and White).

I would suggest that you do your solid 12x12 cardstock first.  And then you can move on to your patterned 12x12 pieces.  

So you will grab a piece of paper and QUICKLY decide where it goes – what color or topic.  And place it in that pile (if you want to use little sticky notes to label your categories, feel free).  Then go on to the next piece.  Do not agonize over this step.  If you put a piece of paper in the blue category, you can change it later to the green category!  The goal here is to move quickly.   You will have paper in all of the color categories and  you will start to see some topic categories form as you sort.   You will also need a discard pile – these are papers you are not every going to use.  Put them in a pile to donate or share with other scrapbookers. 

Don't worry about how you will store these papers after you sort because you have to see how much you have before you can pick out storage! 
So I know you have questions about, what if the paper is two sided, what do I do with paper stacks, what about 8 ½ x 11 paper, what about kits that are all coordinated, and and on and on.   I will address these a bit later into the week.  Right now do your 12x12 loose papers and get them sorted

It is interesting to see which pile becomes the largest as you sort.  Most people find there is one color category that is larger than all the rest.  What is your most popular color?  

Come follow the discussion on our Facebook page and see what color is everyone's favorite!  

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