Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Ok, now that we have tackled the paper mountains, we can move on to other areas.  This week we are going to tackle storing embellishments.  There are many different opinions on this topic, but I will share what has worked for me. 

I store my embellishments in the same way I do the paper – by categories.  I have themed categories and color categories.  And for the most part, I combine all different types of embellishments together.  I know – SHOCKING!  
Here is why I do this:  I’m working on a birthday scrapbooking layout and would like to include some embellishments.  I want to go to a birthday category and see all that I have that might work on this page.  I want all my stickers, my chipboard, my buttons, my brads, my ribbon, and anything else to do with birthday to be in the same place.  It is easier for me to find what I might want to use for this page.   For the most part I use the same themes for embellishments that I do for paper, although I have a few extra embellishment themes.  Again, these themes are going to depend on what types of supplies you have.  I have a “Spring” theme that contains Easter, spring, as well as flowers.  I don’t have that many flowers so for me it made sense to put it in with Spring.  If you want, you could have a whole separate theme called flowers.  It is up to you – remember, ask yourself how you would look for something. 

The items that are not themed into a special category can be sorted into colors.   When working within the color category, I do store things slightly differently.  I have color drawers where I put most supplies, but there are two exceptions.  I have a ribbon box that I just love, so I keep using it.  And I keep the one box of Close To My Heart embellishments separate – they are my favorite embellishments and so I keep them separate and easy to take with me.   So those color items do have their own box.  But they are stored right next to my color embellishment drawers.  Again, you need to do what works for you.   
When you start sorting embellishments, don’t dump everything out at once because you will be overwhelmed.  I would suggest sorting through one box or bin at a time.  And while you are doing this, get rid of things you just won’t use anymore! 

And finally, I know you are going to ask me how I store these items.  I happen to use plastic drawers because this is what I had already in my house.  You would use whatever you already have.  I would suggest keeping your paper in one area and your embellishments all together in an area.  Keep like things together in your space.  You don’t want to be looking in many different places when you need to find something.

I will post pictures to give you some ideas of what I have done. 

And let me hear from you:  Any embellishment storage tips?   Join in the discussion on my Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/ScrapWithClass/ 

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