Thursday, February 2, 2017

More paper organizing

Ok, I'm checking up on all of you today! How is the paper sorting going? Are any of you actually sorting your paper this week?

So now let me answer some of those questions you have:

  • Double sided paper – well you can’t put it in two places, so pick a side you like the best and put it in that paper color!
  • Paper stacks – if they are all coordinated and still full of paper, then write on the spine what it is and file in the appropriate theme category.  If they are mostly used, then pull the papers out and file them in the category they belong in. 
  • 8 ½ x 11 papers – if you make cards, you probably have a bunch of this size.  If you do, then I would can keep it separately from your 12x12 paper.  Just sort it by color and there you go!  If you only have a little bit, then I would consider it just like your scrap paper.
  • Coordinated kits – I store my CTMH paper kits together by name because that is how I use them.  I keep them in the plastic bag they come in and stand them up in a crate (or box). .  I do take out the embellishments and store them with my other embellishments.   As I use up the paper pack, then I can take the leftovers and put it in with my other papers. 
  • Paper scraps – if you use them, then you should keep them.  If not, then out they go.  Some people store their scraps by color. Some people just keep a bucket for scraps.    I keep 4x6 size scraps for photo mounting.  Other scraps just go away because I don’t use them.  (I do keep the CTMH scraps until I finish up with the paper pack.).  And I have so much paper, I don’t think I will ever use it.  And I just don’t have the space to store scraps – I would rather store and organize my full sheets. 

The bottom line is, find a way to sort paper into a way you will use it.  You want to be able to retrieve it when you want that certain piece of paper.  So think, “What category would I go to when I want this paper?”  The other factor here is space.  You want to use your space wisely for things you want to store.  How much space do you really want to allow your scraps to take up in your area? 

Let me know how you are doing with the paper this week.  

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