Monday, February 6, 2017

Paper Organization

Put that paper away!

It is time to get that paper put away now that you have sorted it.  So let’s talk organizers. 
There are two main ways to store paper – vertically and horizontally!  And there are pros and cons to each method.  I use a combination of the two.  And that is because I use what space and what organizers I already had.  I didn’t want to spend money on my organizers – I would rather spend money on my paper! 

So vertically – the easiest way to do this is to use paper storage boxes.  You know the ones that store magazines?  You can get these in a 12x12 inch size,  I would recommend that you store the containers on their backs so you can slide paper in and out easily without removing the box from your shelf.  

You can get these in cardboard or in plastic.  You can just put all the papers in rainbow order or you can use a divider to mark the categories. 

You can also use 12x12 plastic bags to store and sort your papers.  And then you can put the papers in a crate or even a box (I receive lots of boxes that hold 12x12 papers – let me know if you want me to save any for you). 

Now let’s talk horizontal.  This storage can be much more expensive and take more room.  You can use plastic paper trays, or you can use wooden shelves or plastic iris boxes.  You can also use plastic bags in these trays to help sort papers within each box. 

Love these CTMH shipping boxes - they are great for storing 12x12 paper categories.

Bottom line is make sure you label your organization so you can see it well.  And then live with it for awhile and if it isn’t working, then change it.  I suggest you use what you have on hand and try it out.  Then gradually you will see what method you really like and you can invest in some organizational supplies.  But try it out first to find out what you like. 

Let me know what paper storage method you prefer.  

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